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Doric is built to provide you with the tools you need to confidently manage your blockchain assets. Trust us to help you create the tokens you need quickly and safely.

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Security is paramount. Doric resides on a robust framework to the world of DeFi, forever changing the way the world trades financial assets.t and reliable platform to handle a significant volume of data.

PoA Consensus

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The foundation of a new era where efficiency and protection merge, ensuring an unparalleled experience on the Doric Blockchain.

EVM Compatible

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Compatible with the EVM, Doric enables easy migration of existing applications and smart contracts, opening up a world of possibilities for developers.


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Our block explorer allows you to easily check and analyze transactions in real time, giving you the peace of mind you need to stay on top of your blockchain activity.

Trust us to provide the transparency and security your business demands.

Doric's blockchain features

Alternative Asset Tokenization

Join investors to fund start-ups, private companies, projects, and more.


Transfer your tokens between Doric and Ethereum networks.

Wallet Doric

Privacy in sending, receiving and storing valuables.


An exchange for trading cryptocurrencies and tokens created on the Doric platform, to facilitate interaction between users.

Token Creator

Allows you to create tokens quickly, securely and transparently directly from your browser

Block Explorer and API

Create your own digital assets and make secure and instant transactions.

Web3 Incentive Program

The Doric Network Incentive Program was developed to empower innovative projects and expand their presence in the DRC (Doric) ecosystem. This program not only provides a platform for projects to showcase their potential, but also offers substantial rewards to further promote their growth.

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Doric is a Blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to Tokenize Assets, the fractionation of assets, such as enterprises and properties aiming at increasing liquidity and business possibilities. summing up, with Doric an ordinary investor with less capital can invest, for example, in the construction of a building, the manufacture of a luxury boat or the structuring of a startup. The project's conception is to end bureaucracy, globalize and democratize investment in the asset market.
Based on its own blockchain, it uses the PoA consensus algorithm, which allows for much faster transactions and scalability to the network.
Anyone can use the network to tokenize real-world assets or create DApps.
It allows for many more possibilities, representing a breakthrough for something already so innovative. It's the security of the blockchain, with much more agility and security.

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